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The Salt Lake Megabowl tonight, be there!

Utah may be eliminated from winning the Mountain West, but there's still a chance to solidify 5th place! Yes, the Utes are playing their last home game of the season and a victory might, kinda put them in position to possibly finish 5th -- and hey, 5th is better than 6th, right? Exactly.

So yeah, there won't be any postseason tournament, but you can't top 5th place -- well other teams can, but the Utes, not so much. Which means tonight's final home game is the Utes' Megabowl, their chance to end the home schedule on a high note and to send seniors Johnnie Bryant and Chris Grant out winners in their final home game of the season.

I'm not going to tell you what to expect, but it's entirely possible Jim Boylen wrestles a bear at halftime, the cheerleaders get a little funky and the fans riot after the Utes' victory.

Boylen readies to wrestle a bear

Utah's funk lovin' cheerleaders

So yeah, you better show up...cause it's going to get wild.

The above references the movie Semi-Pro, which apparantly mirrors this season's Utes.