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How do you explain this?

SMU has had some hard times over the years. Not only did their football program nearly go under in the late 1980s, the team hasn't really found its way back to respectability since. That may -- though most likely not -- change with the hiring of former Hawaii coach June Jones, but it appears the Mustangs' tradition is deeply rooted in the decade of bright colors, crazy music and big hair. Which may be the only way anyone can explain this:

Now ya' gotta love the cheesy, do-it-yourself title at the beginning of the video, which definitely screams 1980s era America's Funniest Home Videos. However, the dancing makes this video. SMU players treat us with their version of YMCA, one song that I've heard but don't recall and a bit of MC Hammer's Can't Touch This before finally entering an era of music that wasn't dominated by Valley Girls, popped collars and Reaganomics.

But I'll give 'em credit, at least they know how to have fun. The sad part, though, is that their program is without a doubt a bigger joke than this dance video.