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Welcome to Utah, Where Strange Happens

Utah is a very strange place. In fact, so strange that you often wonder if this state is just one long version of the Outer Limits. Even something as innocent and normal as the NBA playoffs drifts toward unnecessary weirdness when fundamentalist polygamists stand outside the arena protesting, as was the case during game 3 and will be the case today in game 4.

But even that does not take the cake for strangeness. Instead, that honor goes to Gary Coleman and possibly his soon to be ex-wife Shannon Price. You see, last year, washed up child star Gary Coleman -- now a resident of Santaquin, Utah -- married Price and the result was a freakishly awkward appearance on the Today Show back in February. The bizarreness of their marriage now actually takes a backseat to the oddity of their possible divorce. Yes, as shocking as it may sound, the marriage seems to be on the rocks, as the two will appear in Divorce Court next week. It's unknown if this will save the marriage and surely Americans will be waiting with bated breath at the news of whether or not these two underdogs can defy the odds and continue on their disturbing journey of life. I'm guessing not.

If nothing, at least we gain the following photo capturing what could be the oddest love link since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley.

Now that's some strange stuff.