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Utah a top-25 team in 2008?

Over at Phil Steele's website there is a poll asking who'll be #1 this year (I'm assuming this year is 2008). There are 25 listings, with Utah being one of them. The Utes, along with BYU, are the only two non-BCS teams listed in the poll.

Now anyone who follows college football knows Phil Steele is fairly respected for his annual college football previews. His system has received near universal praise over the years, so this isn't something to ignore. Does this mean Utah will receive some good preseason buzz by most publications? It's possible and while I doubt it ultimately means they start the season in the top-25 (coaches, AP), it does mean they will probably be on the cusp of cracking those rankings. A win in the Big House will undoubtedly put them right there.

Oh and when you're over at the site, vote for can't hurt!