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Five can't miss Mountain West games

Can you feel it?

Slowly, but surely, the 2008 college football is find its way into our sports horizon. And while we're still a summer away from the most awesome gridiron action known to man, you can never go wrong looking ahead to some of the biggest Mountain West games of the season. These are the games every fan should have circled, because they'll definitely prove to be the five can't miss Mountain West games of the season.


I know what you're thinking, how in the hell does this make the list? Well if it were any other year, it probably wouldn't, but for the first time since Julius Caesar ruled Rome, Sonny Lubick will not be on the Colorado State sideline in a conference game. Yeah, ok, it's not their first game of the season, but it's the first conference game of the season and that means new coach Steve Fairchild will be wetting his feet in the Mountain West lake.

4. TCU @ Utah

Last season's game was pretty exciting, as Utah nearly blew a last minute lead, but managed to hold on for the win. TCU now has dropped two straight against Utah since their controversial OT win in 2005 and another loss here could solidify their spot behind Utah and BYU in the Mountain West. It could also prove to have conference championship implications.

3. BYU @ TCU

What I said for the Utah-TCU game pretty much goes for the BYU-TCU one (even down to the controversial OT win in 2005). This is a huge game for both teams, because you've got to think TCU is the toughest team on the Cougars' conference schedule until Utah and the same can pretty much be said for the Frogs. The winner of this game very well might position themselves for a championship run.

2. Utah @ Wyoming

The media will hype this game up and don't think for a second either coach will downplay (at least privately, they probably will publicly) what happened last year. This should be an emotional and tense game, but for Utah, it could also be one of those pesky road games that derail any championship hope.

1. BYU @ Utah

It's the best rivalry the Mountain West has and it's also proven to be one of the most exciting in college football. In each of the past three meets between these two schools, the game has been decided by the final play. Utah winning after John Beck's prayer fell incomplete in overtime back in '05, BYU winning in '06 when Beck's prayer was answered and the Utes losing in '07, down in Provo, when Brian Johnson's last hope fell to earth uncaught. Don't expect things to change this season, as it probably will come down to the final play once again.

And there you have it, five can't miss games for the conference season. Some other games that just missed the list: Utah @ New Mexico, CSU @ Wyoming and BYU @ Air Force.