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Utah football close to adding Notre Dame to 2010 schedule

Lya Wodraska at the Tribune is reporting Utah and Notre Dame are close to finalizing an agreement to play the Irish in South Bend in two seasons.




Utah has never played Notre Dame and personally, it's huge for me, since the Irish are my 2nd favorite college football team (a distant second, I might add). I've dreamed about this moment for a long time, traveling to South Bend, sitting under Touchdown Jesus  and watching my Utes beat the family team. And I call them the family team, because that's what the Irish were growing up. Sure, everyone loved Utah (or in the case of my grandfather, Utah State), but Notre Dame, well that was a different kind of love. It was a religious and cultural love, our roots intertwined with that school -- I mean, we were Irish and Catholic, so it would be blasphemous to cheer against the Irish, right?

And now the Utes have them scheduled -- nearly -- and I couldn't be more happier. Trust me, I'll be praying for a Utah victory, but understand the experience that comes with it, defeating Notre Dame in their house, will be one I'll cherish for a very long time. And even if Utah doesn't win, it's still Notre Freaking Dame.