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Barret Peery, a closer look

Barret Peery is no stranger to Utah, as his ties to the state were brought up yesterday. Yet it's important to not ignore his connection to Utah, since it could pay dividends when it comes to in-state recruiting, something the Utes must excel at if they are going to return to the top of the Mountain West. So here's the lowdown on Utah's new assistat, Barret Peery.

Age: 37

Hometown:  Payson, Utah

Playing Career: Snow College, Southern Utah University

Coaching Career:

  • Assistant, Snow College
  • Assistant, Southern Utah University
  • Assistant, Utah Valley State College
  • Assistant, Portland State University
  • Head Coach, College of Southern Idaho

Record as Head Coach: 85-19

Conference Titles won as Head Coach: 3 (in all three years he's coached)

NJCAA National Tournaments: 3

This looks like a solid hire for Boylen, as Peery not only has deep coaching experience, but strong ties to Utah. And we need an assistant who knows the state and all the quirks that come with recruiting here. Now hopefully the turnover the Utes have experienced the past two seasons does not hinder the program's growth and they can step up their success next season.