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Michigan blog previews Utah

Go check out Varsity Blue for its preview of the Utes. It looks pretty solid and the guy has a lot of good things to say about the Utes. I especially like the end:

The Utes are regarded as one of the strongest non-BCS teams in 2008, who may be able to run the table if they can get by Michigan. They are also favored to win the Mountain West Conference. If the Wolverines plan to succeed against Utah, the offense will have to gel fast. Utah has a very experienced offense, and they should be stronger than last year with Brian Johnson healthy. The Michigan defense should be fairly good, but Utah will definitely get its share. The encouraging fact is that strong defensive teams tend to do better than strong offensive teams, especially at a higher level. Michigan will have to be able to take advantage of Utah’s defensive weaknesses in the run game if they want to come out of the season opener alive.

Not sure I agree Utah is favored to win the Mountain West, but they should be one of the favored. Also, the run defense is a huge concern of mine and why I'm not expecting a win against Michigan this year. With the Wolverines breaking in a new quarterback, expect them to keep it on the ground quite often in the game. Add in the fact Rich Rodriguez runs a type of spread that dominates on the ground (West Virginia ranked 4th in the nation in rushing yards per game) and Utah could be in trouble if they don't plug some defensive holes to stop the run.

I'll be looking at Michigan later in the summer and will also have a Q&A with Maize n Brew, another Michigan blog in the coming weeks.