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BYU fans prove how pathetically sad they are

We're supposed to be the fans who have the Big Brother Complex...

We're supposed to be BYU haters before we're ever Utah fans...

We're supposed to be the ones so obsessed with our rivals we spend hours altering the results of a poll.

Well that's what they say anyway and by they, I mean BYU fans. But it appears they are the ones who have issues, as Cougar fans cruised on over to Phil Steele's website yesterday and all, like the lemmings they are, voted for Utah to finish 0-12 next year. The final result looked like this:



How sad? Obviously most, if not all, of those who voted for Utah to go undefeated are Ute fans. And that's ok, because being a homer is the best part of being a fan. However, 36.3% of 9,429 voters think Utah will lose 12 games. That is the highest vote total in this category yet for Steele's daily poll.

Now compare this to BYU's poll, which was down the day before Utah:



The first thing that jumps out at me is that 6,180 more fans voted in Utah's poll over BYU. This is important to note because, up until yesterday, BYU's poll had the highest number of votes of any poll to date and that included a few powers like Florida, Ohio State and Georgia. That means, most likely, more BYU fans voted anti-Utah in this poll than they did pro-Cougar in their poll, as only 8.2% of fans thought BYU would go undefeated.

Now look at this for a second, because it shows you just how sorry of a fanbase they really are. More BYU fans felt the need to vote Utah would lose 12 or more games than to vote BYU would go undefeated this year.

So where do Utah fans come into this? Well in the BYU poll, I'm guessing some, just to dink around, voted the Cougars would lose 12 games next year. However, they didn't do it en masse like BYU fans did. This can be argued because had the number of Ute fans voted for BYU to finish winless as voted for Utah to go undefeated, the Cougars' "lose 12 games" number would be far higher than 0.8%.

What this shows is that Utah fans were probably more inclined to believe the Cougars would drop 4 games instead of 12. Which, I think anyway, is more realistic.

Regardless, though, this just hammers home the point BYU fans are hypocrites and are -- if not more -- obsessed with Utah. I mean, how else can you explain a collected effort to change an online poll on a website most people never visit?