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The face of BYU football

A few days ago I talked about the face of Utah football, but what about BYU? That's an intriguing question and I thought I would add some of my picks.

Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins



Nothing like standing up at a BYU football game, only to have Della Jenkins tap ya' on the shoulder and demand you sit down. It doesn't matter that it's a crucial 3rd and 1 for the defense with the game on the line, she won't have it! And Grandpa Joe isn't afraid to hit you with his cane if you give his wife any lip.

Elders Owen and Kimball



Well it is BYU, after all.

The Nielson Family



BYU football is like a family reunion for Cougar fans. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if half of LaVell Edwards Stadium on any given Saturday was filled with relatives.

"Hey, is that great aunt Eliza down there?"

The Caravan



The parking lot of LaVell Edwards Stadium on an October Saturday afternoon could be confused for a Dodge Caravan dealership. There is no doubt about it, BYU fans love their vans.



I'm not sure, but I think Hogi-Yogi is actually based out of the stadium basement. And it wouldn't surprise me if fans only attend BYU games for the chance to win a free hogi.

So there you have it, my picks for the face of BYU football. Vote and add your picks if you want.