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Block U featured in Deseret News

John Coon at the Deseret News did a really good article on sports blogging and interviewed yours truly for part of the story. Coon also sat down with the lead blogger at SLC Dunk, a Utah Jazz blog hosted here on SBNation

Though the interview was short, it's still pretty cool.

Like many students at the University of Utah, Sean Reynolds was intrigued when he first learned Jim Boylen had been hired as the newest men's basketball coach. But where it was merely an interesting news item for some fellow students, it meant a call to action for Reynolds.

With the little bit of spare time he had in between classes, he found a computer and posted the announcement of the hiring to Block, his blog devoted to the Utes football and basketball teams. Reynolds followed later with several photos from the introductory press conference for Boylen.

For him, and other local sports fans, blogging about their team is not just a hobby. It has evolved into a full-time passion.

Reynolds uses whatever time he can find — typing posts on U.-related topics well past midnight at times — because he feels like he represents the fan's point of view.

"When I can do it from the perspective of a fan, I can get in there and tap into what so many readers are feeling," Reynolds said. "There is a lot of emotion because being a fan is tough at times."

Check the article out and of course, keep reading Block U!