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Utah to play Notre Dame in 2010, USU also bumped from schedule

The official site is reporting this great news.

After great speculation, the Utes and Irish have officially scheduled each other for the 2010 season. This marks the first time the two programs will meet and the move has excited coach Whittingham. "Notre Dame is one of the most storied programs in all of college football and a team with a great fan base. When you play the Fighting Irish you are assured of a huge national audience, which is always welcome for recruiting purposes. In addition, playing in Notre Dame Stadium will be an experience our players will never forget," Whittingham said.

I agree.

Utah is also expected to drop Utah State from the schedule in 2010 and 2011. The Utes and Aggies have played each other every year since 1943 and haven't halted the series two seasons in a row since before 1900. So this move definitely will shake things up, but one the athletic department felt it needed to make to fit Notre Dame.

Circle November 13th, 2011, because that should be one helluva game.