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Top game of '08

This season has its share of big games, but which one is the biggest or most exciting? It's a tough choice, especially with some good matchups on the schedule for Utah. With that said, it isn't all that difficult to narrow them down, because while there are varying degrees of interest in all 12 games, only a handful really get the nerves a goin'. I mean, c'mon, we all are excited to see Ron McBride back on the sidelines, but how many of us are really pumped for that Weber State game? I'm guessing a slim number, especially since the more eventful that game, the worse Utah looks.

So what games get the testosterone kicking, the mouth foaming and the rage blinding? You know, the game where you're buzzing a week before, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until kickoff and the moment that brown lovable pigskin flies into the air, you nearly pass out. We all know that feeling and when you feel it, you damn well know you're about to watch a pretty important game. In my mind, only four fit this bill. Agree, disagree? Let me know.


A no-brainer, since it's the first game of the season. Add in the fact it's Michigan and you're rolling. The first game of the season is always one of the most anticipated and the nerves will definitely kick in about a week before the first quarter in Ann Arbor. This game could also set the tone for Utah's season. A victory would almost certainly push them into the top-25 and set the foundation for a great season. Definitely a top game, but tops?

Oregon State

You've got the revenge factor and a Pac-Ten opponent, which means this should be a good game. Oregon State might not be a BCS Power, but they're still in the BCS and have been pretty solid as of late, which could provide Utah an opportunity to net a solid victory. If the Utes enter this game undefeated -- and if they beat Michigan, I don't see why they won't -- it could be this year's version of the 2004 North Carolina game.


Rumor has it the Utes will unveil their black alternatives for this game. That right there makes it a Must See, especially if the school decides to do a Black Out for the game. But that isn't the only reason this game makes the list, since TCU is a pretty solid team and this very well could decide the Mountain West. Personally, I love playing TCU because they provide you with great football. The games might generally be low scoring, but they're all about the fundamentals and if you're going to beat the Frogs, you've got to not only outplay them, but outsmart them as well.


This really should not be up for discussion. After losing two years in a row in heartbreaking fashion, Utah will be fighting to reverse the unfortunate recent trend. BYU and Utah is one of the most heated and hated rivalries in the nation and because of that, this game takes precedence over any other, in my opinion. Michigan might be the first game of the season, but BYU has the most emotion. Always. A victory and a loss in this year's game could be the difference between not only a conference championship, but a BCS bowl game as well. How bigger can you get?

So now it's up to you to decide which game is the tops for 2008. I pick BYU, but what about you?