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More BCS talk - this time from The Sports Network

The Sports Network has a pretty solid writeup on the Utes (and other MWC teams on their site), discussing their potential and yes, that includes a possible trip to the BCS.

OUTLOOK: Utah has a mixed bag when it comes to the non-conference schedule this season, getting a couple of easy plays against Utah State and Weber State. However, there still looms a home date with Oregon State even after the team has played a couple of MWC contests. But even bigger than that is Utah's trip to the Big House the very first game of the season to challenge Michigan and its new head coach Rich Rodriguez. It will be a huge game for the Wolverines and the pressure will be immense on both sides, yet if the Utes can somehow come out on the winning side it could be the start of something great for the program in 2008. The start of the campaign is almost as anticipated as the end, with a November 22nd date lined up with the expected conference champion BYU Cougars. Thankfully, Utah gets that one at home after falling by a 17-10 score in Provo a year ago. As long as the Utes can put up strong fights against both Michigan and BYU, there's no reason why the squad can't be in the mix for a BCS game this time around.

The entire thing is pretty good and worth the read, as it breaks down the offense, defense and special teams, as well as the ups and downs of last year (maybe we don't need to relive some of that). But the real point here, of course, is that another article discusses Utah's chances at the BCS. How 'bout that?