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Offense looking sharp today

Was yesterday just a false alarm? A motivation tactic? Well whatever it was, the offense performed far better today, Lya Wodraska is reporting.

A day after yelling at his offense, quarterback Brian Johnson was dancing with his teammates. Suffice it to say the offense practiced much more to his and coach Kyle Whittingham's likings. In particular was a stretch where Johnson and his receivers hooked up for one completed pass after another one.

"We were much better offensively today," Whittingham said. "We executed very well."

Whittingham didn't want to single anyone in particular out for their play, saying the offense did better as a whole.

Hopefully this is true and the offensive struggles were nothing more than an aberration. With camp coming to a close in a few days, there isn't much time to  get the kinks out before next week's game against the Wolverines.