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Utes 25th in preseason BlogPoll

The first BlogPoll of the season has been released and Utah comes in at 25th. Which provides the first ranking for Utah this season, albeit not nearly as known or used as the Coaches and Media poll. Regardless, it's a good place to start for a program that has been on the outside looking in since Urban Meyer bolted for Florida so many years ago (doesn't it feel like forever?). 

BYU came in at 20th, with no other Mountain West team making a dent, though TCU was in the Also Receiving Votes category.

You can see my final ballot for the poll here, where I had Utah ranked 23rd. The link to the poll also gives you the chance to see other blogger ballots, including Eagle in Atlanta and my favorite Alabama blogger(s) Roll Bama Roll, both giving Utah their highest ranking at 18.