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Utah-Michigan Gameday open thread

Let's start the season on a high note!

Utah Michigan

Quick Look

Saturday, August 30th

1:30 MST

Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Radio: Kall 700

Game Preview

What to expect when Utah has the ball: The spread and a possible tweak that may be revealed today. Johnson is healthy, the receivers are ready and the Utes should be able to finally run the spread we've all been looking for.

What to expect when Michigan has the ball: A offense revolving around a ground game. Don't expect Michigan to go to the air much, as they are extremely inexperienced at quarterback. Because of this, their offense should revolve around junior running back Brandon Minor.

How Utah wins: Stop the running game and force Michigan into the air. With the inexperience at quarterback, Utah would be best served if the Wolverines can't get anything on the ground. If Utah's line steps up and stops their ground game, they will be in good position to win this game.

It's a new season and Lucky is back after a solid first year (8-1 last season). Now he's looking to bring a little more luck to Utah's 2008 season.


I be dancin with O'Flynn as I watch me Utes win!

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here and leave your comments, predictions and other gameday chatter below in the comments section. GO UTES, BEAT MICHIGAN!

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