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It begins...

The 2008 football season unofficially opened today with the start of fall camp. The Utes opened up camp earlier this afternoon and you can read some great insight over on ESPN by Graham Watson, who's reporting from Salt Lake today.

Some good things I saw from her post:

Quarterback Brian Johnson took almost all the snaps with the ones during 7-on-7 drills. He made a couple nice throws and didn't seem to have any lingering effects from his shoulder injury. He did throw a pick to a linebacker. Never looked the guy off and threw it right to him.

I think we're all holding our breath when it comes to Johnson, so if he can get through fall camp and the Michigan game without any injuries, I'll feel a lot better.

Running back Matt Asiata split carries with incumbent Darrell Mack. Asiata missed last season with a broken leg that he suffered during the first game of the year. Asiata and Mack are listed as co-starters on the depth chart, but my gut feeling is that it's Mack's position to lose. I think Mack will start and Asiata will get a healthy dose of carries.

Utah's run game is going to be extremely good. In fact, maybe the best in years. Asiata looked surprisingly adjusted in his first game last season, even though it didn't last long. Of course, no one has to be reminded of how well Mack did.

One early position change: Sophomore Neli A'asa has switched from offensive line to tight end. A'asa was a backup defensive lineman before switching to offensive line

Ok, now it's about to hit. I'm pretty pumped right about now, unfortunately, we still have a few weeks until the season begins. Get ready, because the next 26 days are going to be long. Very long.