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Michigan defense impresses Rodriguez

While Michigan's offense continues to struggle, their defense seems to be moving in the right direction, or at least head coach Rich Rodriguez thinks so. is reporting how Rodriguez likes what he sees from the Michigan defense so far.

He told the Ann Arbor News he was impressed by their aggressive nature.

"It's always easier to say 'whoa' than 'sic 'em,' and so we're saying 'sic 'em,' " Rodriguez said. "And if we have to say whoa later, we'll say whoa later."

Defensively, the Wolverines should have a solid line and that could pose problems for the Utes' ground game. With Utah's experienced offense, the Wolverines will be forced to play defense or run the risk of being blown out of their own building. With these solid defensive developments, it makes it more likely they'll put up a capable defense to ground not only Utah's running game, but potentially the spread offense as well. Which could result in a low scoring game, a scenario that almost certainly benefits Michigan.

The Wolverines are expected to begin scheming for Utah in two weeks, leaving them a week to gameplan for the Utes.