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USU drive chart

You'll notice the Utes didn't start nearly as slow in the first half this time around. Utah State's 10 points all were directly off of Utah's turnovers (the touchdown at the start of the game when John Peel fumbled an Aggie punt and a Brian Johnson interception which resulted in a field goal). Outside of that, the Utes blanked USU, forcing them to punt 8 times (Utah didn't punt once) and stopped them from really putting together any type of drive, which you'll clearly see in the drive chart. 


Full Screen Version

Utah's defense looked pretty sharp throughout most of the game and while the offense was up and down, it still performed pretty well. I mean, they did manage 51 points (not counting the fumble return by Elijah Wesson). Of course, the biggest issues were with the special teams, but I'll get into that later when I fully recap the game. 

Until then, enjoy the drive chart.