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Ronnie Mac week


This Saturday, former Utah head coach Ron McBride returns to Rice-Eccles Stadium to lead his Weber State Wildcats against the Utes. It marks the official return of Mac, who was fired after the 2002 season. While the Ron McBride era was rocky at times and there were many mind-numbing losses, without his leadership, the Utes very possibly could still be toiling in the depths of mediocrity, or worse. 

McBride brought to Utah leadership, consistency and success. Under his watch, Utah won bowl games, finished in the top-10 once and routinely defeated BYU, something that had eluded so many Utah teams before him. McBride may have struggled at times, especially in his final years, but without him, there would have never been an Urban Meyer and Utah football today would be far worse off than it currently is. McBride laid the foundation for the success we've seen over the past few years and he should always be remembered for that. And that's what we're going to do. 

This week, I want to revisit the McBride era. Let's keep this positive and focus on the highs and I want to hear from you, your best McBride memories. Sign up for free if you're not already a member and make a FanPost with your favorite Ron McBride memories.