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Week two BlogPoll ballot

This week I'm asking for input, so let's get cracking. 

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Florida 1
3 Georgia 2
4 Ohio State 2
5 LSU 1
6 Missouri 1
7 Oklahoma 1
8 Texas 1
9 Auburn 1
10 Oregon 2
11 Wisconsin --
12 Arizona State 2
13 Kansas --
14 East Carolina 10
15 Texas Tech --
16 Utah --
17 California 2
18 South Florida --
19 Alabama 2
20 Wake Forest 1
21 Fresno State 1
22 Penn State 4
23 Brigham Young 3
24 Vanderbilt 2
25 TCU 1


Dropped Out: West Virginia (#10), Clemson (#23), Virginia Tech (#25).


I dropped Ohio State from the number two spot after their narrow win over Ohio. There is no excuse for a team of the Buckeyes' caliber struggling against a MAC school. If they don't get their act together this week, USC is going to roll them. 

Because of this, Florida moved into the second spot after a defensive victory over Miami. It wasn't a dominant win, but at least it was a win against the BCS. I can't say the same for other top ten teams, who decided to spend week two playing weaker opponents.

Outside of the top ten, East Carolina moved up ten spots to 14th after their impressive victory at home against West Virginia. Texas Tech and Utah stayed the same, though I thought about dropping the Utes behind Cal. Alabama dropped two spots after a rather middling victory over Tulane. Penn State climbed into the rankings for the first time after completely destroying Oregon State. And maybe it's my bias here, but I dropped BYU after they lucked into a win against Washington. The Cougars should have rolled the Huskies and instead needed a debatable call and missed PAT to hang on. 

West Virginia, Clemson and Virginia Tech all fell out of the rankings. And even though the Tigers and Hokies won their games, they were against FCS teams and it's hard to justify keeping them in the rankings at the expense of Texas Christian and Vanderbilt, who are both 2-0 and look pretty solid.