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Florida fan puts Utah #1

Here is a good read from the Florida blog Saurian Sagacity and why he decided to put the Utes #1 in his BlogPoll. If only more people voted like him, we could possibly be calling Utah the 2008 college football national champions. 

But they didn't. Too many in the media buckled and voted against Utah, even though it didn't diminish Florida's great victory in the BCS championship game. And I think that might be what sticks in my craw the most with this whole screwjob. The media could have done what was right and rewarded a split national championship, knowing it would not have taken anything away from Florida, but they didn't. Sure, 16 of them voted Utah #1, but if you get down into the final rankings, you see many members of the media putting Utah at 4th or 5th in the country. They stood no chance. 

Oh well, it's over and in the past. I promise I won't sit around the entire football offseason complaining about Utah's final rankings. In fact, I'm pretty much over it, but with the BlogPoll being the last real top-25 released, it gave me one final chance to beat a dead horse. 

Now we can move on, look forward to the 2009 season and hopefully another great run.

Thanks to those who voted Utah No. 1. I believe they earned it.