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A look at Dave Schramm

Now that he is Utah's new offensive coordinator, I think it's important we take a look at what he's actually done.

Schramm arrived at Utah in 2005, the year Whittingham took over. In all four seasons, he's been Utah's running backs coach, coaching the likes of Quinton Ganther, Darrell Mack and Matt Asiata. Prior to Utah, he coached the tight ends and offensive tackles at Montana for two seasons. 

He also was the assistant head coach and running backs coach at Southwest Texas State in 2002 and from 1990 to 2001, coached various positions at San Diego State. Those included running backs, tight ends, safeties and the offensive line. 

Schramm played quarterback in college and while at Cornell (Iowa), he led the entire Division III in touchdown passes. He also played at Adams State, which is located in Colorado. 

So what does this hire mean for Utah? Well I don't know. Schramm has a history of coaching running backs, so does this mean the Utes will rely more on their ground game next year? Actually, even if it weren't Schramm, this was a likely scenario, since Asiata is returning and the Utes will be searching for a quarterback to replace Brian Johnson. 

Of course, the big question we all have is whether or not Schramm will keep the spread. I'm assuming Whittingham has no intentions of abandoning that offense, but there was an interesting point made by Ute in DC about this possibility. He mentions how the spread is becoming a more common offense in college football and it's true, compared to 2004, more programs are running it. Which means it isn't nearly as unique and not as difficult to plan against. And while I doubt Utah will drop the spread aspect of the offense, it's not improbable to see them move away from the option part. 

But would that be a wise move?