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Roll 'Bama Roll has an interesting debate on Utah

Started over something I said here. I guess my wording has set off a firestorm because I hinted at the possibility of Utah being a football power. But I thought it was clear in my post that we were witnessing the birth of a power, not that the Utes had already become one. Sure, we can debate all we want as to whether the Utes are on the verge of becoming a national power, but that doesn't seem to be the debate they are having. Instead, it's turned into parsing my words and making me out to be the overzealous fan who lost any ability to think rationally. 

For those Block U readers who have already read through there and defended Utah, thank you. For those who haven't ventured over, I'm not asking you to troll, but you might feel inclined to defend Utah's honor. 

This is the post. Enjoy.