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Thank you, Kyle

I just want to thank Mr. Kyle Whittingham for sticking to his guns and voting Utah No. 1 in the Coaches Poll. Mack Brown said he would and when pressured, folded faster than Bob Stoops in a BCS bowl game. How awesome is our coach? Seriously, he just ended any chance of having a vote in the Coaches Poll for good by doing what he believed was justified. Not many coaches would do something similar. 

Really, though, this is why no one takes the Coaches Poll seriously, because there is always an agenda. And yes, I see the irony in my post, since it was Utah's coach who pushed his own agenda by using this poll. But look at the results, the Utes finish fourth, behind Texas & USC, but why? I can understand voting the Trojans second, since they  very well could be the best team in the country right now, but Texas? Really? Are they forgetting the Longhorns' biggest victory, Oklahoma, just laid an egg in the BCS championship game? I'm guessing some Big 12 coaches pushed Utah down to help Texas' final results, though that just may be the conspiracy theorist in me. Of course, we'll never know because the final results are never released. 

Thanks a lot, BCS.

And thank you, Kyle, for sticking to your guns and most importantly, sticking it to the system.