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Meyer has some strong praise for Utes

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Got to hand it to him, he's going all out, though he did stop short of saying we deserved the national championship.

You can read the entire article here, but I'll post some of the best parts.

"Utah is not going away now," Meyer said at a beachfront hotel full of fans wearing orange and blue, the day after his Gators won their second Bowl Championship Series title in three years with a 24-14 victory over Oklahoma. "If you just go evaluate that program — I'm selling Utah," the former Utes coach said with a smile, "you keep hearing the word 'BCS conferences.' I can't think of many schools that are better than Utah. When you hear 'BCS conference' that means nothing to a lot of coaches like myself."

Meyer then mused about struggling teams among the six leagues whose conference winners automatically receive BCS bids. "You get your brains kicked in every year and you finish 3-8, you're not BCS. You might get a little bigger check at the end of the year because you're in a nice conference, but Utah is a much better program than most BCS programs. That's most."

"There's no bitterness," Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said in a teleconference with reporters on Friday. "We're looking at this season as a positive. We feel we can play with anyone in the country."

Whittingham explained the rationale for his vote: "We played a team ranked No. 1 in the country for five weeks and decisively won the game." He said he wasn't sure if there would be any ramifications because of his vote. Members of the American Football Coaches Association who vote in the coaches poll agree to put the winner of the BCS title game as No. 1 in their final ballot. "I did what I thought was right," Whittingham said.

"It's unbelievable," he said. "It just means that it's just fantastic people associated with those programs, the resources you have at Utah and the resources you have at Florida. Everybody is in a hurry to take a new job, I'm going to go to this job, this job. It's great. Just make sure the foundation behind you has some success, and Utah certainly has that."