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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links - victory edition

When the Utes fell down 17-3 to Colorado State, you could see the flood gates slowly opening. The offense had stagnated for over a quarter and the defense was gassed. Things looked bleak and the Rams were about to run Utah off the field. 

At that moment, I questioned the heart of this team. I thought they were giving up. This was still a winnable road game and it looked as dire of a moment as I've seen recently from the Utes. I also had flashbacks to the 1990s and the hell Fort Collins inflicted on Utah for so many years. 

It felt like the McBride days all over again. Melting down to a lesser team in their stadium, pissing away a conference championship and a real chance at a very good season. 

Then something happened. In the frigid cold air of Colorado, Utah finally woke up and began imposing their will on the Rams' defense. Not to be out done, the defense - specifically Robert Johnson - stepped up with three interceptions. Two resulted in Utah scores.

The fourteen-point deficit was quickly dashed to seven and eventually, the Utes tied it up before edging ahead in the final minutes. After miscues and mishaps left them with their largest hole in Mountain West play since UNLV in 2007, Utah bounced back and won. 

I was wrong. This team showed heart. We saw them grow up over the last two quarters and that can't be downplayed. What happened in Fort Collins is the type of win that defines a season and sets the course for great success.

With Colorado State now firmly in Utah's rear view mirror, they can focus on their next challenge - a road game in a place that houses the largest horror show of the Whittingham era. 

They'll be ready.

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