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Mountain West Conference week six power rankings

Week six marked the first time every game was played in conference. So now that Mountain West play has really started, we're going to start seeing who's at the top, in the middle and toward the bottom. Of course, I think I can pretty much predict who the top-three will be. After that, though, it's up in the air. 

Team of the Week: BYU. Any time you score 59-points, you're probably going to be the team of the week. The Cougars dominated UNLV 59-21 and showed why their offense is the best in the conference. Now they just need that type of offensive performance against a good team. 

Team of the Weak: UNLV. Any time you give up 59-points, you're probably going to be the team of the weak. The Rebels looked abysmal in their loss to the Cougars and it doesn't get much easier this week with Utah. 

Week Six Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 TCU had a fight on their hands with Air Force. But given the weather, it shouldn't be a surprise. Of course, a close win is still a win and the Frogs remain the only unbeaten team in the Mountain West. Because of that, their BCS hopes are still alive and they remain at the top of the rankings.
2 To be honest, I don't think there is much room between Utah & BYU. You can pretty much interchange either at the #2 spot. But I'm not going to lie, I put the Utes here because, well, I'm a homer. Utah did almost lose their spot, though, after struggling in the first half against the Rams. But a 21-point outburst got them the victory and put them back in the top-25. They'll look to continue their winning Saturday against a deflated UNLV team.

Not much to say about BYU's dominant win over the Rebels. UNLV is bad and BYU is good. This week isn't much of a test, either, as they travel to San Diego State. However, a similar scoring output could suggest the Cougars have finally found some consistency after their debacle against Florida State.

4 Wyoming's easy schedule has positioned them nicely heading into the second half of the season. At 4-2, they're only two wins away from bowl eligibility. They can take one gigantic step toward it Saturday with a win over Air Force.
5 The Falcons might have lost consecutive games and they might be only 3-3, but you sense this team is better than their record. However, the season could be lost if they lose Saturday against the resurgent Cowboys.
6 Colorado State is a few plays from being 5-1 (hell, maybe 6-0), yet find themselves at 3-3 after a 3-0 start. Their blowing a 14-point second half lead to Utah doesn't help their position and playing TCU this week obviously won't help matters.
7 San Diego State had a bye-week and plenty of time to prepare for BYU's explosive offense. Can Brady Hoke find a stunner in his first season? Probably not. But if the Aztecs could somehow pull off the upset, it would certainly make waves.
8 UNLV is lucky the Lobos are 0-6 right now. But I'm not actually sure New Mexico is the worst team in the Mountain West. At least they've been semi-competitive the last couple of weeks. The Rebels, on the other hand, have been slaughtered in their last two outings. Things definitely don't get any easier this week with Utah coming to Vegas. Mike Sanford saved his job with an upset victory over the Utes two years ago and I think he'll need to do the same again if he plans on coaching there in 2010.


What do you think?