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#24 Utah-UNLV Gameday Open Thread

Next Game

What to expect when Utah has the ball: With how poorly the Rebels defend the run, I would expect Utah to pound them into submission through the ground. Eddie Wide has proven he has the tools to do just that and with the return of Shaky Smithson and Sausan Shakerin, the Utes aren't hurting too badly in that department. Will Wide have a career game? Wouldn't surprise me.

What to expect when UNLV has the ball: Their offense is certainly powerful at times and I expect Omar Clayton to force the ball down field. Their pass offense ranks 19th in the nation and since Frank Summers graduated, their running game has certainly thinned a bit compared to the past few years.

How Utah wins: Show up. It's cliched and I've said it so many times before. But the Rebels aren't good. A good team doesn't give up 60+ and 50+ points in consecutive games. So the Utes have no business losing a game like this. With their recent loss to UNLV in Vegas still fresh in their minds, I expect them to be ready and not looking toward their next opponent.

Lucky G. O'Utes is feelin' a new winning streak. It's two, can they make it three?


I feel a win in the capital of sin!

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