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Air Force-#19 Utah Game Day Open Thread

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What to expect when Utah has the ball: I honestly don't know. The Falcons have a really good defense and I'm sure they won't give up too much on the ground and through the air. Because of this, I'm more inclined to believe the Utes will run a more balanced offense. But who the hell knows.

What to expect when Air Force has the ball: That pesky option. They love it and they'll run it until the cows come home. Well that isn't entirely true - as these aren't the Fisher DeBerry Falcons. But don't expect Air Force to bomb it down field all day.

How Utah wins: No turnovers, defend the option as well as humanly possible and find some offensive flow. Talent wise, Utah is better. It's at home and the weather conditions aren't going to impact the play of the field (there might be scattered showers until noon, but that's it). Basically, this is a game they should win. If they lose, I'm going to say it's probably due to turnovers.

Lucky G. O'Utes wants to clip some Falcon wings!


Six gets us in the bowl mix...

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