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Utah's new Wynn-ing attitude

The first half of Saturday's Halloween blackout game against Wyoming will certainly be forgettable, but the second half suggests that maybe Utah's offense is finding its groove. Much of this happened when Terrance Cain was pulled for freshman quarterback Jordan Wynn.

Wynn, who played the entire second half, sparked the Utes' offense and led them to a 22-10 victory over Wyoming in a closer-than-the-final-score-indicates game. That change will definitely bring about a new round of questions and the big one obviously centers around whether or not the Utes have found a new starter under center.

Honestly, I don't think Cain played poorly in the first half. But the offense needed a spark and Wynn gave them one and because of that, it's hard to imagine him not starting against New Mexico. Of course, it's just one game and Cain was 6-1 as a starter at Utah. 

Who knows.

Regardless, the Utes win and are now guaranteed the seventh consecutive bowl appearance for the program. Oh and they're undefeated in conference play, which ain't bad.