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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links

Beyond adverse weather that could handicap Utah's offense, I think this game Saturday will give us an idea of what to really expect for the remainder of the season. I say this because Colorado State is not a good defensive team and if the Utes do struggle moving the ball, especially in the absence of Matt Asiata, it may foretell future problems. However, if they roll up a good amount of yards (and points - bet you didn't know the Utes lead the MWC in offensive yards per game), than they could be sitting pretty over the next few weeks. 

What I expect Saturday is ball movement and better red-zone production. The Utes have struggled in this regard, ranking 112th nationally. That has to improve as the season progresses because if Utah struggles at capitalizing on scoring situations, sooner or later, it will catch up to them. We all remember four years ago how they failed to punch it in on first and goal against these same Rams. An issue like that again Saturday - or further along in the season - will certainly come back to haunt them. 

But beyond that, I look for Terrance Cain to continue his progression. I thought he played pretty well against Louisville and with Colorado State's sketchy secondary, he's just asking for another solid game. Especially with some questions surrounding Utah's running game now that Asiata is down. 

So Saturday will mark a game where the Utes can measure their offensive success against a bad defense. They have had their chances in the past (USU, SJSU), yet this is deeper into the season and I think that will hold more weight than the first two-games. 

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