Turmoil in Provo

Since this isn't a BYU blog, I don't want to put this on the front page. But by now, I'm sure you've all heard Bronco Mendenhall's rant about the Cougar fan base. If you haven't, he essentially told them to shut the hell up because they don't know a damn thing (of course, in Provo-talk, that'd be sit down, be quiet because you don't know a durn thing).

I love it. I love when they start eating their own. You knew it was coming with how high they peaked after Oklahoma and the crash against FSU and it is glorious.

But is Bronco right? Are BYU fans stupid? I think he's actually on to something. And it isn't just Cougar fans. I've noticed Utah fans (and I'm one of them) doing the same thing.

So maybe it's the state as a whole.

But when it's coming from your rival it makes it that much more better.

Are we watching the pending implosion of the Bronco era down there? Last year really wrecked them, guys. I think they are shell shocked over not only faltering the way they did, but watching Kyle Whittingham - the guy they wanted and then didn't - lead the Utes to a 13-0 campaign and a win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

I remember reading something by a BYU fan shortly after the Utes' victory and how they basically had his dream BYU season. You know, opening on the road and beating Michigan in the Big House and then ending it by beating Alabama essentially on the road. Two of the most storied programs in college football history and they were both defeated by Utah in the same season.

Well he almost had that experience. I'm sure this fan felt that experience building after the Oklahoma win. That was a big win. I think in hindsight, it will look about as impressive as our win over Michigan (maybe a bit more because the Sooners will probably still contend for the Big 12 South), but there will be an asterisks next to it due to Bradford's injury and then the Cougars' embarrassing loss against Florida State.

But if BYU does lose to TCU and Utah again and God forbid, lose another regular season game - where does that leave Bronco entering a rebuilding year in 2010?

Is it smart for him to call out the fans? What if Bronco just says screw it and leaves for another job?

I don't know. It seems to me he's not entirely happy down in Provo. He did something similar last season, hinting that the fans didn't know what they were talking about (I think they had booed the Cougars at one point). A coach only can take so much before he says it's not worth it.

If that's the case, then BYU might be screwed either way. If Bronco falters and unravels, they're screwed. If he ups and leaves, I've got to think they're screwed, as well.

Of course, winning cures all and I'm sure if Bronco wins out, everything will be peachy in Provo again. But maybe, at the moment, that's a big if.

We shall see. Thankfully it's not us doing it this year, though.

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