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Bronco: TCU knows, as many do, that the conference championship will go through BYU

Say what, Bronco?

Maybe he forgot that the conference championship currently resides in Salt Lake City. At Rice-Eccles Stadium, to be exact. You know, the home of the Utah Utes. Who haven't lost a conference game since 2007. 

Surely I can understand the basics of this comment. He's suggesting BYU and TCU will be playing for the title when the two teams meet later this month down in Provo. But it seems kind of, I don't know, risky to suggest Utah - the defending champions - won't have a say in the title race.

After all, the Utes still haven't been eliminated yet and haven't played worse football than the Cougars. 

So why is he telling us TCU knows the title will go through BYU? Because TCU travels down there? But then TCU hosts Utah - so maybe it goes through Fort Worth? Even if the Cougars do beat the Frogs in Provo, does that guarantee them a championship? I don't think so. 

Beyond that, though, it seems he's purposely leaving the Utes out. Maybe he doesn't believe they'll be a factor in the championship race, but is that entirely smart? I don't think so. I don't think it's smart to give Utah bulletin board material when they have yet to lose a conference game. 

If anything, he could have waited a week to see how they performed against CSU before opening his mouth. If Utah loses tomorrow, he'll be right - the title will go through Provo. If they don't, then it's very probable Utah enters the TCU game undefeated in conference play. If that's the case, it's likely the championship goes through Fort Worth. 

Which is quite a few miles away from Utah County.