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Should Whitt have pulled Cain?

I really feel bad for Terrance Cain right now. He's one of the most productive quarterbacks in the conference, leads the Utes to a solid 6-1 start and a top-20 ranking (remember, this is a rebuilding year, folks) and then essentially loses the starting job, even after all of that.

Whether you liked the decision or not, it's hard to see a scenario outside of injury where Cain ever starts again here. Pulling a player - especially one who hasn't played all that poorly - in that situation probably wrecks his confidence. Which means we better hope Jordan Wynn pans out or that solid rebuilding season is going to end on a down note and there will be a whole host of questions entering what should be a really good 2010 campaign.

Regardless, though, I'll concede something had to be done. The offense was stagnating and Wynn appears to move the ball better than Cain. Granted, it was against the Cowboys, but you can't deny how more open and less predictable the offense looked in the second half as opposed to the first. Maybe that's because it is less predictable with the fact Wynn can actually present a deep ball threat and if that's the case, in the long run, it might have been the best move.

But right now, we've got a quarterback who's never started a game at the any collegiate level and another who led his team to a great start and now probably watched his days at Utah fall apart because of six quarters of so-so football. That's not a good position to be in this late into the season, even if there is no other option.

Hopefully it works out. But what do you think?