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TCU demolishes Utah in stunning, embarrassing contest

Really, I can't say anything except congrats to TCU for putting together the most decisive win I've seen against Utah in the post-Fassel era. 

Had anyone told me the Utes would score 28 and lose by almost thirty points, I probably would have asked them if they found Whitney Houston's crack stash. 

I don't know what else to say. This was an epic behind the woodshed thrashing that solidifies the Frogs' spot at the top of the Mountain West and shows us just how weak of an 8-1 team Utah really was. 

Because of the nature of this loss and the fact I don't cope well with major defeat (yeah, I'm a pussy, but who gives a shit?), I probably will be MIA for a few days. I need time to lick my wounds and recover from the inevitable boozing that I hope will easily wipe away the memory of tonight's raping. 

Hats off to TCU and they deserve that Mountain West title and national championship bid. They truly proved tonight they're the most dominant team in non-BCS history.