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Slept on it and I'm ready to move on

It was a tough, tough defeat but this was the perfect storm for TCU. They had a wild home crowd (their best crowd in school history), hype on their side, emotion and more importantly - the better team. Rarely can any program overcome that and generally it leads to a mighty beating.

Rational me knows this is about where I expected Utah to be ten games into the season. I didn't expect losing 55-28 to the Frogs, however. That is hard to digest, but it is what it is and I know - over the long run - this loss won't mean much to this program. 

I say this because I think we found ourselves a really great quarterback last night. It was an ugly situation all around, but Jordan Wynn is the brightest thing to come out of that game from Utah outside of the fact it actually ended without any major injuries and death. 

It wasn't a performance worthy of ESPN Classics, but with how much was thrown his way, he handled adversity about as well as anyone could have ever imagined. That means good things for the future. 

We can leave the defensive lapses and special team disasters to another day. But right now, I feel confident this team can win out and finish with a respectable record in what many considered a season where Utah would struggle at times. 

11-2 is still doable and should continue to be our goal. That starts Saturday against San Diego State.