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Whaa? Utah wins?



How crazy is that? The Utes actually won a game! And against a good team! We're 1-1! Yes! AND IT WAS AGAINST A RIVAL.

Seriously, folks. I am not making this up. Check out the box score. It's real. 

Really, though, the Utes actually put up a somewhat decent effort against a team that will probably finish with a better record. It's not entirely a shock because Utah has pretty much owned the Aggies as of late in Salt Lake. But still, it feels nice to win.

The man of the hour is Carlon Brown, who finished with a game-high 22-points. Brown I think will improve the most out of the players who saw time last year. He has the potential to be really good.

But I was most impressed with the defense. Last week the Utes nearly allowed Idaho to drop 100 on them and this time around, they held the Aggies to only  67 points. Not bad, eh? 

Beyond all that, though, this team is probably going to be up and down all year. It's hard to really take too much from one win, but hopefully they can build on this and create enough buzz and momentum to ride into conference play with a rather respectable record. If that happens, who the hell knows what's in store once Mountain West play rolls around.