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Mountain West Conference week eleven power rankings

I didn't get week ten out because I was too focused on that TCU. Now I'm kinda wishing I didn't invest so much into it because the fall wasn't all that great. 

But whatever. New week. New rankings. 

As for the conference, it now belongs to TCU. I don't see any way they even share the title and losing it seems pretty impossible at this point. So, it's about the BCS and maybe, maybe the national championship (a very slim maybe). 

Team of the Week: TCU. They hammered Utah in the biggest game in Mountain West history. It's probably the most impressive conference win in the history of the league too. That was their last hurdle standing between them and the BCS and they easily cleared it.

Team of the Weak: Utah. Ouuuuch.

The rankings after the jump...

Week Eleven Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 The Frogs are in a league of their own. These rankings really don't do the gap between #1 and #2 justice. It's as wide as the Grand Canyon. It's bigger than the deficit. It's as vast as the universe. You get the idea.
2 The Utes are here because A) their loss was mathematically better than BYU's was against TCU and B) BYU barely beat New Mexico. Plus, I still think the Utes are the better team. And I'm a Utah fan and I hate BYU.

I got a lot of flack for putting Air Force here two weeks ago. I'll change that up, even though the Falcons did have a more impressive victory this week. BYU's win, though, wasn't good. They nearly lost to the Lobos and had that happened, it probably would've been the most embarrassing defeat in program history.

4 The Falcons have quietly put together a pretty good season. They're 7-4 on the season and last week rolled UNLV. This week is a bit more difficult, though, as they take on BYU. A win there would certainly justify my week nine rankings, eh?
5 The Cowboys only need one win to secure a bowl berth. That isn't happening this week, even though they do host TCU. Maybe they can get it against Colorado State in week twelve.
6 This is where it all really begins to fall apart for the Mountain West. The remainder of these teams are not good. They're horrible, in fact. The Aztecs at the least-horrible of the bottom four, however. Yet it's hard to overlook their big loss to the Cowboys last week. With a potential bowl berth on the line, they coughed up the game at home and now - unless they can stun the Utes this weekend - look destined for no better than a 5-7 season.
7 Mike Sanford is gone and the Rebel program has found its way back toward the bottom of the conference. All is right in the world again.
8 They lost to UNLV, lol! After taking last week off, they look to snap their seven-game losing streak. For the Lobos, it offers them their best chance to end their winless streak.