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Utes rock Aztecs - next up BYU

The Utes are back. For a week, anyway. 

After getting embarrassed by TCU last Saturday, Utah dominated an emotionally exhausted San Diego State team for their ninth win of the season. 

It was a very good performance by both the Utes' offense and defense. The defense pitched a shutout for nearly the entire game and you sensed the offense packed it in after Utah went up 38-0 right before the half. This game could have been a lot uglier than it actually was, but the Utes certainly pulled back a bit. Maybe they don't want to tempt the Karma Gods before the big showdown with BYU next Saturday. 

Anyway, good win. Now the focus moves to the Cougars and hopefully Utah can win their tenth game of the season and second straight over BYU. 

You guys ready for Holy War Week? I am.