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Holy War Moments: Chris Yergensen's leg stuns Provo

Arguably one of the greatest moments in Holy War history as Chris Yergensen stepped up and did something no one thought possible - kick a 55-yard field goal to beat the Cougars. 

We all know how haunted the Ron McBride era was in terms of special teams (1998, anyone?) and it makes this play that much more memorable. 

The setting was Cougar Stadium and the year 1993. It's worth noting Utah hadn't won in Provo since 1971 and had lost four straight to the Cougars entering this game. Yet Ron McBride would lead the Utes to one of the program's biggest wins and ushered in a new era of the Holy War rivalry. 

Utah would go on to win three straight against the Cougars and ten of sixteen over the next decade and a half. 

But it was this moment that began it all. It was this moment that changed the rivalry forever.