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The Morning Blitz: Daily Utah links

I want a breakout performance Saturday. I need a breakout performance Saturday. It's got to happen if Utah has any chance of building the confidence needed to walk into Fort Worth and defeat the highly ranked Horned Frogs. 

This Utes team, unfortunately, has been low in that regard. There really isn't one game they've completely dominated in - though I guess Louisville comes the closest. That isn't entirely bad, especially when they're still 7-1, but it does suggest at one point this season the other shoe will drop. Many of you have that happening in two weeks against TCU. That's possible. And probably will happen if Utah doesn't quickly find an identity on offense entering that game. 

Which means New Mexico will offer them a chance to do just that. Can Jordan Wynn step up and lead this team to a win Saturday? Probably. But will it be the type of win that leads us into a great performance a week later? That's the looming question and hopefully it's answered with a resounding yes.

That isn't to say, though, it's necessary. The Utes struggled against the Lobos last year and then beat TCU a week later. But that was 2008 and I think we can all agree these teams just aren't the same. That team seemed to have it, which was on display in games against Air Force and Oregon State. This team seems to have just enough of it to not lose a really bad game to a really bad team. And that's why a blowout would be a welcomed sight.

Utah needs to come out and jump on them early. They need to keep the pedal to the metal and dominate from start to finish. They can't let up like they did against UNLV and I really believe, if this season is going to end on a high note (meaning at least a split against TCU & BYU), a breakout performance will be needed. 

If it doesn't happen Saturday, I don't imagine it'll happen a week later against TCU...or even three weeks later against the Cougars. That's a scary thought. 

Hopefully it won't be an issue and the Utes do what they should be capable of doing against teams like New Mexico.

Then we can start wondering if it'll be enough to beat TCU.

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