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BSU hires PR firm to help with BCS bid

What are your thoughts on this? I find it interesting the Broncos pretty much are conceding they won't get into the BCS without a little help if TCU goes undefeated this season. 

It's pretty surprising how fast they've been pushed out of the picture since their huge win over Oregon earlier in the year. From what I remember, it was pretty much a forgone conclusion Boise State would get a BCS bid if they defeated the Ducks to open the season. 

Well that doesn't appear to be likely unless the Frogs lose or a few surprises happen along the way. 

Which suggests the Broncos are probably very likely to be banging down the door to the Mountain West if they are once again refused a spot by a team from our conference. If you recall, the same happened in 2004 when Utah busted the BCS and again last year (they lost to TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl). 

Unless BCS inclusion is guaranteed, is there a point bringing Boise State into the fold? The conference seems to be doing well enough and I find it hard to imagine expansion happening if the Mountain West isn't promised a spot in the Bowl Championship Series.