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Bring on TCU!

Wow. This is going to be one of the most frantic weeks in Utah football history.

I feel the best I've felt this season about these Utes. Will it be enough to get them past the Frogs? I can't say. I felt really good about their chances last year, but much of that was because the game was at home. 

I also can't help but see how similar the situations were. 

Of course, the Utes were the undefeated team that year. But it was clear who looked better. TCU did. That's why they were favorites. Remember that? We were dogs on our own field against a team with a worse record and a worse ranking. Yeah, you can say TCU should have won. I disagree. It was the type of game everyone expected and I have a feeling this week will be no different. 

If there is one guarantee, though, it's that they won't blow Utah off the field. We're not BYU. We haven't lost to them since the 2005 season and even that was on a questionable play in overtime. It just won't happen.

Get ready, folks, it's going to be a helluva ride. 


This is a video I will be posting a lot over the next week