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Even more expansion talk - this time Pac Ten gets in on the action

I think it's pretty much a guarantee if the Big Ten expands to twelve, the Pac Ten will follow suit. ESPN seems to back up this claim, as the conference commissioner Larry Scott once again brought up the prospects. 

Of course, as we've known for a while, Utah is atop their list. Again, made evident by this quote from an unnamed athletic director of a Pac Ten school: 

Bringing in Utah and Colorado might be a winner (Salt Lake City and Denver markets), and at least one Pac-10 athletic director said that's the most likely scenario. Of course, prying Colorado away from the Big 12 might not be easy.

I'm not sure they could get Colorado. However, if there is an expansion, I would be shocked if the Utes aren't at least one of the two teams asked. 

With it looking more inevitable that the Pac Ten will expand sooner rather than later, what happens first - Mountain West to the BCS or this? 

If there are rumblings, but nothing conclusive in terms of Mountain West inclusion, do you think Utah jumps to the Pac Ten if offered at the end of the 2011 season?