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So, SC & Florida lose...

The Trojans fell to Arizona at home tonight. That means they are a candidate for the Vegas Bowl. However, I would not be surprised if BYU gets another Vegas Bowl bid because they're a lock to draw a sellout. Since Arizona appears to not be going to the Vegas Bowl - though that could change - there would be no repeat of last year's game

If Arizona does go to Vegas, they'll play Utah. If they don't, the Utes might be sent to San Diego to take on either Cal, Oregon State or Stanford. Confused? Yeah, I am too! 

Beyond the Utes - Florida just lost the SEC Championship to Alabama. That means the Tide are going to play Texas/Cincinnati/TCU for the title. The Longhorns just need to beat Nebraska tonight to lock up a national championship berth and TCU probably lost any case they had for a berth if Texas were to lose with Cincinnati's victory over the 15th ranked Pitt Panthers earlier today.

That means, if all goes according to plan, the Frogs may take on Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Or Boise State in the Fiesta. 

Basically, it's all a cluster @#!% right now, guys. 

Under any scenario, I think I'd want Utah to play Stanford. That would be a really good game.