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The Andy Ludwig Bowl - oh he's so dead

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Remember Mr. Ludwig? I do. He was Utah's offensive coordinator from 2005 to 2008. Then he bolted for Kansas State and now, in a weird twist, finds himself coaching a struggling Cal offense (who'd guess we'd ever see the words struggling offense and Ludwig lumped together again...). 


lol, i'z in your stadium killin' yer offenses!

How bad is Cal's offense? Well they only managed ten points against Washington. Sure, the Huskies are improved over last year - but that ten was the second fewest they've allowed all season. The only team to do worse than Cal? Washington State. And they're like the Gil of college football.


This is Gil, BTW. If you don't know who he is, well that's the point.

That doesn't mean Cal can't score. It's just that they're extremely inconsistent. This is a team that put up 52 on Maryland and then managed only six points total in a two-week stretch against Oregon and SC. So, what should we expect from them this go around? Well...who knows. 

Can Ludwig take advantage of the fact he's familiar with the coaches and players? Maybe. He never did coach Jordan Wynn, though. That's got to be a plus. 

So, basically, this game might come down to whose offense is the least inept. If that turns out to be the case, do you bet on Ludwig to screw it all up or his offensive disciples here at Utah? That, my friends, will be the ultimate question heading into the Ludwig Bowl.

Stay tuned.