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So, yeah, that whole expectations thing...

Okay, so yeah. There is this bowl game coming up. I don't think we're quite ready to get into the entire dynamics of it (gotta save some stuff for that week), but it's never too early to get a feel of what to expect.

Unfortunately, the last two times I've asked how you were feeling prior to a game, the Utes lost. So, please, cut it the hell out, okay? Good.

Seriously, though. I don't know what to expect in this game. Vegas has Utah as a 3-point dog, which isn't surprising considering their best victory is against a ho-hum Air Force team. But on the other hand, who has Cal beaten? Minnesota? Maryland? Arizona? They seem to be in the same boat as the Utes.

Except their most embarrassing loss came to Washington.

Which means they could be really good or really bad depending on what team shows up. The same isn't the case for Utah. I think they've been fairly consistent, right? There was just one really bad loss to a really good team. Their other two defeats came by a combined score of ten. Not bad at all. Especially for a rebuilding season.

But in every tough game they've played this season, they're 0-3. Not a good statistic, especially since Cal is better than Air Force. Cal is better than all of Utah's wins combined. But are they better than BYU? I don't know.

If they are, the Utes aren't going to win. If Cal is equal to BYU or slightly worse, I think they have a good chance of winning their ninth straight bowl game. Of course, that depends on who shows up...

Do you think they'll win?