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Utah gets the day off, but that doesn't mean games won't impact

Though Utah gets the day off, it doesn't mean the games this day aren't important and won't impact the Utes. This is now where teams begin jockying for the conference championship race and today could mark the thinning of a few contenders. 

San Diego State @ New Mexico 

Never, ever cheer for the road team to win in a tight conference race. The Aztecs already own a victory over UNLV on the road, so winning in The Pit today would give them an advantage a team like Utah might not have when it's all said and done. A loss here doesn't knock SDSU out of it, but it puts them two full losses behind the Utes and that's huge. 


The Rebels' conference championship hopes died on the plaines of Laramie, but they can still do a lot of damage, especially today as they host BYU. The Cougars already have a bad loss, which came at home to UNLV. They can make up that with a win tonight, but losing this one would put them two games behind Utah in the title race and all Utah would need to do is split their next four games and it's very probable the worst they do get is a split decision. 

So Go Lobos and Rebels. It's tough cheering for New Mexico, but it's needed.